Przemysław Mojsym

Computer Graphics / Websites

About me

Hi, my name is Przemek, I’m interested in computer graphics and creating websites, I’m a creative and very ambitious person. I do my work the best I can and pay attention to every pixel. What exactly I do?


I create light, modern and eye-catching pages that are fully responsive (they automatically adjust to the screen size of the device). I value minimalism and simplicity very much.

Internet graphics

I create graphic designs for websites, posters, banners (advertising, fanpage).


Do you need a project to print? No problem, let me know if it should be a business card, leaflet, poster, advertising folder, catalog, roll-up.

Visual identification

I will design everything that makes up your visual identity, i.e. logos, business cards, packaging designs, gadgets etc.

Retouching and photo processing

I deal with basic and very demanding retouching. Performs removing unnecessary elements, changing the colors of objects, improving quality, "embellishing".

Web support

You don't know which hosting to choose and how to place your website on it? I will gladly help you solve your problem.


I invite you to look at some of my recent work

Graphic project:


Do you have a question for me? Do you need a banner, poster, leaflet, design / code a website? Do you want to cooperate? Use the form or use the details below to contact me.

Przemysław Mojsym

Computer Graphics / Websites
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